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Helia Photonics has an exclusive partnership with Chinese precision optical component supplier Brilliant Optics (Shenzhen). The partnership establishes a significant trading link between the UK and China and expands the availability of optical & photonic products to both markets.

Brilliant Optics supplies custom optical components and assemblies, specializing in super-polished mirrors, windows, and couplers that have high laser damage thresholds for high-power optical environments. Available services include complex module design and assembly for a wide range of applications and industries including machine vision, space and instrumentation, as well as specialist lenses (aspheric, ball, cylinder, toroidal) and fiber-optic components in materials such as plastic and visible/IR glasses.

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耀影光电牵手Helia Photonics

耀影光电和Helia Photonics建立全面合作伙伴关系。

Helia Photonics位于苏格兰的Livingston,在半导体激光器腔面镀膜、光纤端面和光纤阵列镀膜、激光光学器件等领域是世界顶尖的制造商。Helia Photonics拥有热蒸发、离子辅助电子束、IBS、射频交流溅射、和脉冲直流磁控溅射等多种真空镀膜技术,能够在不同基片(包括光学玻璃、硅、蓝宝石、金刚石、光学塑料、III-V族和II-VI族化合物) 上实现从紫外到远红外之间的高性能的光学镀膜。除了镀膜以外,Helia Photonics还提供晶圆切割、半导体激光器条、晶格的光电自动检测服务。



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